Data Protection Law

The current EU General Data Protection Regulation has been in force since 2018, making data protection a structural task for companies and entailing high liability risks due to strict sanctions. Battke Grünberg has therefore strengthened its team in data protection law and also created an additional consulting format with Battke Consulting.

The aim of the advice is to ensure that the client’s companies or institutions comply with data protection requirements in a legally secure manner – with the least possible impact on business operations. The expertise of the Battke-Grünberg specialists extends far beyond the regulations of the Basic Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) That is why they can also support public sector clients with regard to state-specific data protection regulations or church bodies in the area of application of church data protection law.

  • General legal advice on data protection issues
  • Representation in official and judicial proceedings
  • Development of legally secure and custom-fit data protection concepts
  • Provision of a certified external data protection officer (by Battke Consulting GmbH)
  • Risk analysis with a view to possible fines by the data protection authority, potential for criminal liability, warnings or claims for damages by data subjects
  • Data protection training for employees (by Battke Consulting GmbH)
  • Monitoring of the technical and organisational implementation of data protection requirements

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Manuela Pokern, Rechtsanwältin bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Manuela Pokern

Dierk Schlosshan, Rechtsanwalt bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Dierk Schlosshan

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Dr. Daniel Schöneich