Administrative and Constitutional Law

In administrative and constitutional law, the specialists at Battke Grünberg accompany complex projects that are related to immission control or waste law, for example. hey support their clients in preparing the necessary applications and conduct negotiations for or with private, state or municipal decision-makers. Advising in the subsequent planning procedures is just as much a part of the lawyers’ remit as litigation representation at courts of administrative jurisdiction.

In addition, the specialised lawyers work together with project developers and official decision-makers to find ways of resolving disputes in a legally secure and efficient manner, so that the end result is always an economically and legally viable solution. In addition, they contribute their expertise to the conception and design of municipal bylaws.

  • Waste Management Law
  • Drinking water supply and waste water disposal law
  • Municipal tax law
  • Development law/urban development contracts
  • Municipal law
  • State aid and subsidy law
  • Immission control law
  • Municipal cooperation law
  • State liability law
  • Public building law
  • Soil protection and contaminated site law

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Rechtsanwältin Anita Wehnert

Anita Wehnert

Juliane Pethke, Rechtsanwältin bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Juliane Pethke

Dr. Ludger Meuten, Rechtsanwalt bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Dr. Ludger Meuten