Copyright and Media Law

In matters of copyright and publishing law, the specialists at Battke Grünberg advise the entire spectrum of the cultural and creative industries. This includes nationwide advertising and media companies or software manufacturers on the one hand, theatres, filmmakers, artists, authors, designers or players in the art market on the other. For this diverse group of clients, the lawyers examine the possibilities of protecting their services, draw up licensing and merchandising agreements or clarify the management of rights with collecting societies. And of course, the lawyers at Battke Grünberg also ensure that these claims by authors and rights holders are enforced. hey ensure that these issues are clarified out of court or in court and defend their clients against unjustified claims by third parties.

For architects and civil engineers, Battke Grünberg offers legal advice on the copyright protection of design drafts in all service phases and prevents their unauthorised modification or distortion.

Public sector mandates in this area of law often touch on issues relating to the obtaining of intellectual property rights and the acquisition of licences.

Media and Press Law

Media and press law has many points of contact with copyright law, which is why Battke Grünberg combines both areas of expertise in one team. For example, it advises media companies on legal issues at the interfaces between “classic” and the more diverse “new” media in the digital sphere. For public figures, companies and the public sector, the press law experts represent claims under the law of expression, for example, when it comes to inadmissible reporting or the protection of corporate and personal rights. Internet players use Battke Grünberg’s expertise, among other things, to effectively limit liability for (third-party) content.

Main areas of advice in copyright and publishing law

  • Advice on the creation of protective rights for copyright works, including the deposit of works for proof of priority
  • Drafting and negotiating copyright use and licence agreements, as well as performer, publishing and merchandising agreements
  • Securing and enforcing appropriate remuneration for creative services vis-à-vis employers, clients and collecting societies
  • Ensuring accompanying protection of copyright works through trademarks, patents and designs
  • Representation in and out of court in the event of infringements of copyrights and ancillary copyrights in the classic and new media


  • extra-judicial and judicial representation in the case of claims under the law of expression
  • Crisis communication: strategic advice and support for the public relations work of companies and natural persons in conflict and crisis situations
  • Review of editorial content and advertisements, in particular dealing with the protection of minors and data protection in digital offerings
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts, such as production, licensing, exploitation and merchandising contracts
  • Protection against unauthorised use of likenesses in the various media
  • Social media: e.g. review of social media offers Development of social media guidelines

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