Competition and Antitrust Law

“Competition is good for business”, as the saying goes, but there are limits to competition. That is why the team of lawyers for competition and antitrust law is always on the side of its clients when their competitors overstep the boundaries of fair conduct. They advise companies on the regulations and possibilities in competition with competitors, ideally before disputes arise. For example, the specialists provide legal support for the conception of product launches, advertising measures or advertising campaigns in order to avoid costly disputes or bad investments. If necessary, they initiate warnings for anti-competitive behaviour and pursue competition violations for their clients from the commercial sector. Of course, the Battke Grünberg team also represents clients in defending themselves against warning letters and lawsuits in competition law.

  • Legal advice on the marketing of products and services
  • Checking advertising campaigns for compliance with applicable regulations
  • Safeguarding clients’ interests in the event of unlawful enticement of customers and employees
  • Food law, e.g. sufficient labelling of ingredients of food, permitted and prohibited advertising claims about food
  • Product labelling
  • Law on the advertising of medicinal products, e.g. permitted and prohibited advertising claims about medical devices and medicinal products.
  • Cosmetic products, labelling and packaging of cosmetic products, prohibited advertising claims
  • Medical advertising law
  • Warning letters

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Manuela Pokern, Rechtsanwältin bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Manuela Pokern

Dr. Daniel Schöneich, Rechtsanwalt bei Battke Grünberg, steht in den Unternehmensräumen.

Dr. Daniel Schöneich