Law in House 2: Corporate law check

Very old managing director employment contracts or management board service contracts? Have you not checked your company’s articles of association/partnership agreement/rules of procedure for years for legal or actual changes? No proper representation regulation?

Especially when there is a change of management in the company, e.g. because new managing directors/board members are appointed, but also without a change of management, companies often want a check of their existing company law agreements and regulations.

In this case, we offer you a company law check with regard to typical sources of error in your company’s employment contracts, articles of association, bylaws, rules of procedure and other documents relevant to company law. The purpose of this service is to identify any need for action. We will tell you where you should take action in terms of company law and, together with the employees in your company who are responsible for drafting these agreements, we will develop a strategy for how to proceed. The complete legal review and, if necessary, revision of your forms, sample contracts and internal processes can then take place at a later date.

For this company law check, you provide us in step 1 in advance (e.g. by sending us an e-mail) with the information and documents that we should check for any current need for action. We then check this information and documents (usually within a time frame of around 4 hours) for any need for action – a complete legal review and revision of the documents does not yet take place within this framework (this complete legal review/revision is offered separately if required).

This may include the following information/documents:

  • Articles of association/bylaws, list of shareholders if applicable (if available)
  • Profit transfer and control agreements
  • Contracts of employment for managing directors or board members
  • Rules of procedure
  • Power of attorney and representation regulations


In step 2, we will come to your company (usually for a further 4 hours) to discuss any need for action and the next steps with the employees involved in your company’s corporate law issues. You can then decide for yourself whether your legal department should work out a solution itself using the information obtained during the company law check or whether you would like us to provide you with legal advice and support that goes beyond the company law check. In the latter case, we will be happy to provide you with a customised offer.

Costs of this comprehensive company law check: By arrangement. The fee depends on the desired scope of the company law check in terms of content and time.

Dr. Ekkehard Nolting
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