Law in House 10: Labor law concepts and personnel management models

In addition to the management workshop (Law in house 9), we offer you various labour law concepts and personnel management models…

  • for the flexibilisation of working hours in the event of fluctuations in personnel requirements,
  • Compliance and Code of Conduct,
  • Dealing with the digital revolution (social media, internet, use of electronic devices),
  • to reduce the sickness rate,
  • personnel development and employee promotion (bonus systems, performance-related pay, introduction of employee-supervisor dialogues including employee appraisals and target agreements),
  • for the prevention of bullying and discrimination,
  • dealing with (suspected) addictions,
  • company integration management,
  • employee recruitment,
  • employee retention (working life models, work-life balance models, family-friendly employer) and
  • conflict management and internal dispute resolution.

What all these models have in common is that they cost little and achieve a lot (increasing the effectiveness and operational efficiency of personnel deployment). This will ensure your future success. If these concepts already exist in your company, they can be incorporated into the above-mentioned workshop.

If these are to be introduced, the development and introduction can be accompanied by us separately. The development of these concepts is usually accompanied by us in 3 to 4-day workshops involving the HR and specialist departments as well as the HR and works council in order to ensure that our proposals are adapted to the specific company and implemented smoothly. This means that these model implementations are quick, practical and not expensive.

Costs: By arrangement

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