Battke Grünberg - Partner for business and the public sector.

Battke Grünberg was founded in Dresden in 2004 and is now one of the largest commercial law firms in Central Germany. The expertise of the 20 lawyers in the firm is underpinned by a total of 12 specialist lawyers’ titles, covering all relevant specialist areas from employment law to administrative law.

Battke Grünberg’s advisory focus is primarily on commercial enterprises, public bodies and privatised companies or players in the social economy. This results in a variety of very different mandates, which nevertheless have one thing in common: Every legal consultation always has the economic aspects in mind.

FOUR PRINCIPLES have proven to be the guiding principles of the firm's work from the very beginning:

Think continuity. Trust needs reliability and that starts with the people acting. Therefore, clients of Battke Grünberg rarely have to adjust to new contact persons or follow constantly changing strategies. As a result, personalised business relationships with a long-term consulting turnover have become a “trademark” of the firm, which creates trust even in times of crisis.

Giving clarity. An outside view can change the perspective. That is why lawyers occasionally also see themselves as “sparring partners” for their clients and thus offer a new perspective. In this way, the unbiased view from the outside can become the first step towards a solution. The rest of the way is teamwork – in the office and with the client. If the client knows all the legal options, he can also make the right decisions. With a clear view of the future.

Living competence. Clients of Battke Grünberg expect more than just trust from their legal advice. That is why the competence and specialisation of the lawyers are of outstanding importance to the firm. An above-average number of specialist lawyers make Battke Grünberg a sought-after partner even for complex legal challenges. Because for some clients, failure is simply not an option.

Maintain communication. A good counsellor often has a lot to say, but almost more important: he must be able to listen! Firstly, because every solution requires an understanding of the problem. For that, you have to understand the language of business and the world of your clients. Secondly, good listeners are at their best when the law alone is not enough to resolve a conflict. Then understanding and negotiation help. At eye level.

Geführt wird die Kanzlei mit ihren mehr als 20 Juristen vom Gründungspartner Jörg-Dieter Battke und sechs weiteren Partnern: Dr. Ekkehard Nolting, Dr. Andrea Benkendorff, Frank Martin Thomsen, Dr. Ludger Meuten, Karsten Matthieß und Dr. Daniel Schöneich.